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Feb 14, 2014
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Hi all
Thought I would share this with you, We are in France at the moment and have just been to Cite De Europe to do some shopping, as we were on our way back to Blighty on the Tunnel.
Well to cut a long storey short we arrived at the tunnel check in about 2 hours before we would have traveled, but due to a cock up by me we were 24 hours to early, oh well I said to the girl at the check in kiosk we will come back tomorrow, we then decided to head over to a nice little campsite at guines when we were around 2Km from it there was A LOUD banging noise from underneath, so I slowed and stopped told sue to lock the doors as I got out an floor and behold a young lad of African decent crawled out of the underneath of the van.
I shouted at him and he just saunterered off towards Calais probably not a nice walk.
I did check under the van as we left the shopping centre but did not see anything, tomorrow I will be using a torch and a pole from the windbreak!!!!!
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