thinking of changing to 5th wheel

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by bazfergy, Apr 10, 2010.

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    Apr 20, 2009
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    dumfries scotland
    Hi guys,as the heading to the post suggests i'm thinking of giving up the mh and changing to a 5th wheel.All advice will be greatly appreciated for and against.Thanks in anticipation Barry:thumb:
  2. Jackomet

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    Nov 10, 2008
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    East Sussex, Europe
    IMHO only
    Nearly to same comfort level as an A class, sep bed, large fridge freezer etc
    You have a car when you get there (don't want to get into Yank or Jap but I prefer Jap mainly because it does the job and it can be parked OK at supermarkets)
    More stable than a Caravan when towing
    Slide outs
    Still novel and gets a lot of attention (might by a con?)
    Most dealers are pretty good, best being Calder and Niche, both good support.
    Plenty of storage
    Not that easy to nick

    Big, depending on what you are using to pull it, most are over 40+ feet.
    Parking it, mainly because of above
    Use of Aires is debatable, we have used many across France and only once told to move, allowed to stay night, though.
    Hitching up, until you have done it a few times, can be fun.
    Number of axles, on tolls sometimes classed as 4.
    Not many insurance companies cover them, about 3 I think.
    Getting more expensive
    Breakdown cover is complicated because they have to recove using flatbed
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    May 31, 2009
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    as always , horses for courses

    basically it depends on how long you stay ...if you are a gypsy like me , move around a lot , wildcamp maybe ,the motorhome wins hands down

    if you are happy to go to a campsite and settle down for a while , 5er is great ; unfortunately few campsites have the correct plumbing however

    incidentally , my favourite is a 4wd and gypsy double axle caravan , tabbert/fendt perhaps
    I have wildcamped all over europe in one , just as stable than a 5er ; no more alas , but that is another story
  4. chatter

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    Aug 3, 2009
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    horses for courses, for me i love my 5ver ok it takes a bit more thought about route planning but unless you go the RV route you wont get as much space/comfort in a euro spec m/home. I like the fact that i can park up on site for a couple of days unhitch and use the truck to sightsee the area knowing that i wont have to squash into one of the more popular aires with about 2' either side.
    They have big tanks for water and waste (black and grey) circa 30 gallons each and a good personal payload, just pay attention to the gross weight on the trucks plate when matching to a 5ver. with my combination fully loaded with our stuff including full fresh water for the two of us i have around 650kg spare to play with before reaching the gross truck weight allowed, and I havent had to up -plate the truck

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