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Apr 15, 2008
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Hello we are thinking of buying a motorhome but as yet havent even looked at any - apart frm on the net.

What sort of insurance do you have to pay for mid 1990s 4 berth for two oldies - well, we are over 50's anyway - just a ballpark figure - or is that like asking how long is a piece of string.

We also wondered about hiring out - it seems some do this via web sites. what do you all think and is it worth it and would you be able to get insurance easily.

I heard of one guy who bought another old camper so that he was then considered or registered as a dealer or company or something, so insurance for hiring out was easier.

We are looking to cover the cost of the motorhome as we are not sure about costs of it all as yet.

Sorry to have so many quesitons on my first visit here but it is all a bit overwhelming out there.
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Jul 19, 2007
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Hi Paula, yes it can be a bit overwhelming. Insurance for motorhomes is probably a lot less than you might imagine, its a competitive market place. As for choosing one, well thats the difficult bit. The best advice i can give is go along to a show, they are held all over the country. This weekend there is one in Wales, next weekend is the national show at Peterborough, in May there is a large show in Newbury etc.

At these shows there are hundreds of motorhomes on display, go and sit in all of them, make the beds up, sit at the table, get in the shower and sit on the loo etc. You will soon get an idea for a layout you like. Once you have found the layout, you will soon discover who does that layout best and in your price range. Take your time choosing, many people make expensive mistakes and choose the wrong motorhome (for them) and only find out after a few weeks. But don't take too long, I know of people that have taken over a year to find the "perfect"van and then ended up buying a van they saw a year earlier. Best of luck..

If you have any questions on particular motorhomes, then pop back here, the members are not only very friendly but extremely knowledgeable as well.

Oh and welcome to the fun:thumb:


Dec 27, 2007
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Hi and welcome:thumb: the insurance is usualy mirrored to your car no claims,as such say 250/ 350ish for PRIVATE but this would increase a LOT if you rented it out.You may well find that once you get one that it will become your pride and joy and noboby is going to lend/hire it:ROFLMAO:Other cost depend on useage -fuel (at the rate we are going10sqids a gallon soon:ROFLMAO:)camp sites range anything from say 7 to 20 £ a night.Look on over costs as you would your car-service etc,Being able to come and go wherever, whenever is PRICELESS :thumb::ROFLMAO: enjoy:thumb:
PS ask away we do not bite -- much

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Sep 23, 2007
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Hi Paula, dont know where you are in the UK but why dont you come to the show at Peterborough and meet some of the members of Motorhomefun. It's a great show and we will be able to answer most of your questions.

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