Thetford Oven Install - Support or No Support (1 Viewer)

Mar 23, 2024
Funster No
Am i missing something? This just doesn't seem right at all.
The installation manual implies a base/support is required and that the back of the oven sits on to it. It doesn't provide any detail.
The issue is if i sit the back of the oven on the support and take it to the front then it doesn't seem to interface properly with the vents already on the oven which is a little counter productive.

However if i line the base/support with the bottom of the vents then the back has no support.

Pictures as example (board shown for base was just an offcut and used for photo purposes only, ignore size ect as aware it isn't correct length/width)

The only thing that seems logical is to do something like the picture below which is for a different version of the oven and in this instance they provide measurements for the back support for which the oven sit upon.


Has anyone come across this before and what was/would be your solution?

Thanks in advance

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