Thetford C402c Toilet

Discussion in 'Heating and Air-Conditioning' started by dido2, May 25, 2015.

  1. dido2


    May 22, 2015
    Hello all, thetford toilet has just packed up, have just removed lever & lifted control panel out, there are 4 wires live & neutral (red & black ) and brown & blue. ok so far but to my mind when I put a 12 volt tester over the live it should light up and the neutral should only light up when I press the flush switch down. AH, but no, all 4 connections are live without pressing the switch, prior to this I changed the 3 amp fuse as it had blown. so, is it me? has an old mans logic become obsolete in this new world were in? Please, any help is appreciated. dido2 ( not after the singer but my late dads nickname dido during the war in the RAF .)

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