The secret to a good dump....?

Discussion in 'American RV's' started by Dodgey, May 26, 2009.

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    So, you know how it is, you've been on site a while and you need a good dump, of the grey and black tanks, what did you think I meant:ROFLMAO::Eeek:

    Now, our old Dodge, the black tank was on the offside so 3" pipe forward, through 90 degrees and across the van with a slight downward drop. Twice I had the problem were a, errr, small amount of content got stuck traversing the valve in the last dregs of the drain. Net result closed valve and content stuck in valve. Once, didn't affect closing the valve and easily dislodged with the aqua flush widget but the last time got thouroughly wedged and took alot of fiddleing down the hole to clear, content bieng loo paper, was 'fluffy cloud' (aquaflush is see through) ie virtually disolved until caught and thouroghly squashed in valve!
    Now Winne shouldn't suffer this, better design, but being parnoid I arrived at a cunning plan, actually the plan started else where but GREW.
    I bought (thank you Linda) and external screw on valve (3") that is sold as an alternate to valve replacment, my idea being I can shut external valve in order to run a bit of additional water via the loo into the tank then dump that via the external valve so when I come to shut the van's valve I'm guarenteed there's nowt in the way, seemed a good idea. Then I thought, all this running in and out of the van, wife invariable disappears at this point, why not once the blacks stopped running just close external and open grey, ie back flush the black with a little grey, full grey via 1.5" pipe for 15-20 secs there is no way A:the flows going to go the other way and B: the grey is never going to smell as bad as the black:Eeek:

    I tryed this yesterday, 15-20 secs, open external, shut, do again for around 10 secs and open then shut van's valve and open grey to empty/flush valve and pipe, how easy was that!

    I've been at this RV lark for a little over 3.5 years and still learning, like anything you never stop, but I can see no flaws in this method, anyone????
    Or is this a case of 'didn't you know that?'


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