The mysterious television (1 Viewer)

May 5, 2022
Kidsgrove, North Staffordshire.
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Here we are in the sunny but chilly Costa Blanca watching the box. The site supplies some UK channels (this has been iffy recently due to the BBC not broadcasting in HD). I have a Fire Stick and watch what is available on Prime via site broadband. We are not desperate enough to go down the VPN route as the tele keeps us amused when there is nothing organised or like Sunday when most of Spain is shut.
I also have a 65cm satellite dish on the roof which I put up out of curiosity to see what could be received. No BBC channels but some others with about a dozen available.
I have a question for the knowledgeable about some of the channels I can get and others I cannot.
ITV2 no
ITV2 +1 yes
ITV3 no
ITV3+1 yes
ITV4 no
ITV4+1 yes
C4 yes
C4+1 no
More4 no
More4+1 yes
4Seven no
It continues in a similar vein down the list. Baffles me.

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