The Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden, Germany


Feb 9, 2008
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The Eagles Nest, Berchtesgaden, Germany

We were recommended to visit here by another Funster (Brian-Hilldweller),when seeking advise on best places to visit in Germany. So, we put it on our list and visited the Eagles Nest in June of this year (2014).
We stayed on a Stellplatz which was in fact next to a farm building with a coverted barn turned into a bar. The views were impressive and in the morning we took the first bus up in the morning as the weather for the day was forecast as being a bit iffy, especially in the afternoon and as it turned out we were lucky enough to get a clear day.

My advise for anyone going up for the first time and looking for an overnight stop nearby is to,
1. Overnight, free of charge in the car park on the road up to the bus station. You can't miss it as this is the only route to the bus station where you purchase your tickets for the Eagles Nest.
2. Take a camera.
3. Make sure the weather forecast is right for the day you go up , i.e. clear visibility.
4. Visit the museum and in particular the 'Bunker'
5. Do not buy a meal from the Cafe unless you are loaded. (Take some water).
6. Two hours is sufficient to complete your visit. (You have to state a time for your return bus)

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Mar 11, 2013
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Also stayed on the Stellplaza during July this summer great spot. If you are still there pop down to Lake Konigsee as you enter the large car park head over to the far left by the petrol station( You will see the station as you enter the car park) you will see many MHs. We stayed there for four nights free of charge along with many other MH unofficial stellplaza a great for the trips up the mountains and the lake boat trip
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