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    Jul 19, 2007
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    The Blog is now up and running, look for it in the blue toolbar above. You can now have your own pages filled with wahtever you choose. You can then share your thoughts with the world, just a few friends or keep them strictly private, its up to you. Have a play, its easy to start, just make a first post and the blog is automatically started. Its looks and feels like you are making a normal post on MotorhomeFun but state of the art blogging software lurks underneath to ensure the very best blogging experience. You might want to rant about politics, keep a travel journal or document your motorhome self build. Others can comment on your musings, but the pages are yours, you can restrict and edit comments yourself!

    Why Blog:
    Surfing the web is no fun if you can't tell people what you've found. Travelling in your motorhome we see plenty and it is great to share. How many times have you sent e-mails to your friends with the address of a particularly interesting web page, annotated with your own hilarious comments?

    Wouldn't it be good to get your own web page where you could publish these comments, plus the links you find, turn it into a daily journal of thoughts and ideas and make the whole thing available to the world? Well now you can, and if you do, you'll be joining the phenomenon that has become 'blogging'. And what's more you can do it here at MotorhomeFun and you can do it for free.

    ::bigsmile:Have fun::bigsmile:

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