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Discussion in 'Cooking in your Motorhome' started by TDH, Jul 31, 2009.

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    Now I'm an omnivore and I do like to get my teeth into a bit of red meat when possible. However.....I always wanted to get a little boat and live on it, and in pursuit of that dream I bought, in a second hand bookshop, a great book called 'Cruising on a Small Budget' (stay with me, I'm getting there....!). My little camper, The Rosabella, is as close as I've been able to get to living the life the author describes.

    She talks about provisioning and cooking whilst on the move and she says that beans provide a really good basis for lots of things and she recommends a book called 'The Bean Book', by Rose Elliot. My partner managed to pick one up on the internet for 1p (yes, that's right, one penny!) and, bearing mind my already mentioned need for meat, I have to say that my life has been changed.

    Whilst on the road we've had chick pea curry, green lentil croquettes, haricot paella and its all been fantastic.

    They're easy to store, keep forever, quick to turn into something edible and keep everything working.

    GET THE BOOK NOW!!!!!!

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