Thats what I call good service


Jul 11, 2008
Funster No
Knaus Sun 650MEG
For the first time in 11 years of motorhoming I sprung a leak, I always drain the van down and open all taps and so far it worked a treat. Went to fill the van at new year as we decided to head away, everything was ok until I started the pump to bring the water through and I noticed a leak under the toilet.

After some investigation I traced the leak to a blue pipe that goes to the bowl, I disconnected it and plugged it so we could still head away just didn't have flush.

Finally got round to looking at it today so gave Thetford a call and they emailed me instructions on how to split the bowl which took about 5 mins. I then called them back and explained the problem was the connector from the blue flush pipe to the valve under the bowl and asked for parts number so I could order one. I was honest and upfront telling her from the start that it was in my opinion caused by frost, even so they are sending all parts out free of charge as units is still under warranty.

Thats what I call good customer service.