Thanks Steve,,, (Salopian)...

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    Oct 16, 2008
    Haughton, Stafford..
    Thankyou Steve for the heads up and recommendations on the "Chinese"....

    Although we had a take away,, we went to have a look, and ordered a take away...

    Bloody Superb.. :thumb::thumb::thumb:

    Ordered our take away and they gave us a drink and some dippy stuff and Prawn crackers while we waited.. and a glass of Spanish Sweet White Wine.. :thumb: Did I tell you that`s what I drank.. :Cool::RollEyes:::bigsmile:

    Meal came and a "Free" bottle of wine to have a drink on/with them...

    Fabulous meal,,,

    Give them a try,,,, wish we had service at our local Chinese back in Brixham..

    Cheers Steve.. I :man_in_love:... even if the Bird on the "Roundabout dont.. :winky::ROFLMAO:
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