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    What lovely people we met on our last trip away,firstly meeting Di and Bob who have a wonderful site also great to meet Little Cath (Kieth and Cath) shame we missed the chance to meet others on the Sunday but we had lots of places to see so will have to return some day.
    First visits to Oradour-sur-Glane everyone should see that place once in their life,we were lucky enough to catch the Tour of Limousin cycle race coming through the village,we took Bob and Di's advice and spent some time in Brantome before traveling to Rocheroucauld, Congac,La Rochelle and our first visit to Ille De Ra where we found a great spot for a bit of wild camping by the sea before moving on to Coulon in the Marias Poiterin at a lovely Aire it was so nice we stayed a couple of days we were surrounded by over 30 vintage Citreons and one of them was English from Bromsgrove. we then went to Parthanay to see the second largest cattle market in France on Wednesday monings but then at 12.00 its just a sleepy old village with a medieval part to it,moved on to La Fleche in the Loir Valley it was from here the first French folk went over to Montreal in Canada, it's also got a great municipal campsite,we moved on to Vilandry with its chateux and fantastic gardens,from there we went to Paris and met up with family and spent two lovely but tiring (and expensive) days with two of our grandkids before leaving to spend the last week in the Somme valley and La Touquet and spent our last couple of days in Boulogne sur Mare a place we usually fly past but has a lot to offer.

    sorry for the rambling on but just thought we'd let you know put some of Sylv's pics in the funsters albums.
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