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    Aug 9, 2013
    Just back from Taunton and a visit to Vanbitz.

    Hopefully must people have read the reviews and know how good they are but until you’ve actually been and dealt with them you don’t realise just how good.

    The site is immaculately maintained and spotlessly clean. I was surprised how nearly full it was for a Tuesday night in May. Following morning I dropped the motorhome off at the workshop to get the satellite internet and solar panel fitted. James talked me through the install and we agreed where things were going and how wiring would be routed. I was offered a lift into Taunton but choose to sit in the outer office and work for the day. I had a chat with Ashley about satellite coverage for tv and internet. He certainly knows his stuff.

    Late afternoon the install was finished earlier than promised and after a lengthy chat with Eddie and James about general motorhome stuff and the south of France, James gave me a very comprehensive demo and explained how things worked and what all the switches did. The complete experience was a pleasure and I can’t recommend Vanbitz highly enough. It was a 400 mile round trip for me but they will be my first choice for any other bitz I get fitted in the future.

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