thanks funsters - we had a lovely saturday

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    We had a lovely day at Peterborough show today, although marred slightly by one particular show marshall who having been told off by the boss then caused us a few problems. Apologies were though received from the marshall manager who was very pleasant.

    Well, we ended up paying deposits for our mauve wristbands but managed to get it refunded when we left about 7.30ish.

    Had time for a walk round the stalls, bought a book from the mhfun stall and wandered back to the marquee where we did some food and birthday cake and party games with prizes for the children who were all very well behaved.

    Thanks to Junan and Ian whom we parked next to

    Thanks to Geo for lending us the table in the marquee

    Thanks to RuthRV

    Thanks to Sundowner

    and Thanks to everyone who we met for making us feel very welcome

    There are some crisps and soft drink, another birthday cake and whatever was left of the food in the marquee so eat drink and enjoy.

    Apologies to any parents whose children werent hungry enough to eat their dinners.

    Sorry we didnt get round to saying hi to everyone, we were told we had to be offsite by 7.30pm.

    We hope you have a great rest of your weekend and look forward hopefully to meeting up at Newbury and Stratford.

    Oh and if any of you were wondering, the glenfiddich request was genuine and not a wind up

    Had a pleasant journey arriving about 9.45pm and stopped for a mcdonalds on the way.

    Many thanks everyone see you soon, safe journeys xxxxx

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