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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by WhiteCheyenneMan, Apr 18, 2012.

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    The week before Easter was something of a disastrous time! My TomTom was wrecked by a Map Update (let's not go there again, suffice it to say that the new Garmin performed well :thumb:) and the intermittent fault on the JVC sound system became semi permanent. Just when I had managed to track down an iPod adapter for it :Angry:
    On the Tuesday before Easter, with only 2 more working days left before the Bank Holiday and only 5 days before we left for a week in Paris and Normandy I began to trawl the Internet for local mobile audio engineers, you know, the ones who used to work for a company, gained lots of experience and then decided that they could go it alone. I phoned a couple of numbers which, as expected turned out to be national companies/franchises and who couldn't get anyone to me for a couple of weeks.
    I phoned a couple of local MH suppliers, both of whom were helpful, but neither of whom could take a look before May, which I admit did not surprise me, they're good so they're popular. But one, John's Cross did recommend 'Tony' from AVIT in Hastings. I'd already looked at his site and put it on the last resort list because it looked quite flash and therefore probably expensive.
    How wrong I was! I spoke to Tony who said that he had a job the next morning just 5 miles away and could get to me in the afternoon......and he did! In half an hour he had identified that whoever installed the alarm in our Autotrail (not John's Cross!!!!) had broken the Tweeter fitting in one of the A pillars. It had been botched with insulating tape, had come loose and was shorting out. As a result we had music to drown out the rain on our Easter week trip to France!!
    So thank you to John's Cross and thank you to Tony from AVIT.
    It just goes to show that, rather then panic (and I was close to it :Blush:) you should always use local expert contacts (and this Forum :Doh:) to find assistance in solving problems.
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    It's always good to read a negative turned into a positive, and shows the value of local trades people and of course Motorhome Fun and the Funsters always ready to help when they can.
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