Thank you !


May 5, 2015
Stratford on Avon
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Hymer B544
Since 2010
For the advice from Funsters re the question I asked about mobile habitation servicer- We had CJ mobile caravan service Coventry here today they were stars; did a fab job :gave helpful advice - re what the best options were with some minor problems ; fixed things that needed fixing and fitted a new leisure battery . Very good value for money IMO.
Battery that we bought after much reading of the battery threads on MH Fun was - I confess - the same make and model as the old one . It had lasted about 10 years we think- was in van when we got it- just gave up the ghost without any warning.. battery threads were mainly incomprehensible to bear of little brain such as self, and seemed to involve Doing Things [topping up - having a vent hose] and Deciding Things [what type of battery and how is it charged ] and anyway battery was Too Heavy to lift and Too Difficult to extract.
Wine O clock now. Many thanks again xxx