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    Dec 5, 2007

    I followed the above from Andy (Techno) and with his help and PM guidance managed to fit meself a nice relay with a nice bit electrickery for my new inverter.

    My inverter now allows for use of all but 1 of my sockets and microwave and electric hob. All nicely fused and compliments the B2B very nicely meaning I can heat up some soup in a mo and Nikki can dry her hair wherever she likes.

    Thought it was a tough job to take on but with a little bit of thinking and following Andy's advice to a T all is working well and proper and most of all safely.

    had a slight mare/deviation in that I tapped in to a wrong socket meaning the one socket worked fine but none of the others did. But with a bit of help from the Bungy, all was cured. Put simply, I have 2 outlets out the back of my distribution box meaning, one for all the van sockets bar 1. :RollEyes:
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