Tesco travel vouches for P&O are to stop

Discussion in 'Continental Touring' started by Ralph-Dot, Aug 13, 2007.

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    Aug 1, 2007
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    Has anyone mentioned the the Tesco travel vouches for P&O are to stop (see their web site)

    When P&O was taken over last year (or was it the year before) I had this worry and I asked Tesco if they would continue with the P&O deal and got a the answer that they are reviewed yearly.

    I will now contact Tesco to let them know I will no longer be using their stores, as this is the main reason I use them and I would urge other to do the same.

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    Jul 26, 2007
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    We are using eurotunnel and stunned that the online price included the dogs but they deducted the £60 in tesco value and made us pay cash for the dogs:wub:

    Seems these vouchers are losing there attraction:Err:
  3. RockieRV

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    Note to one's self to check tesco.com to see if any other ferry operators take part in the voucher scheme.....
  4. RockieRV

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    I have just looked at Tesco.com and their site says:

    If you have been saving your Clubcard Vouchers for P&O Ferries Travel Tokens, you must have ordered your Tokens by 17th November and made your booking by 30th November 2007.

    This is for Dover - Calais etc and P&O Irish ferries are unaffected.

    However, reading about the 5 operators that do take part, anyone wanting to go Stena to Holland can use their clubcard vouchers...
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    Leeds and Lake Garda


    Tesco will be my specialist subject on Mastermind.

    For P&O bookings, you need to have made your booking by 30th November 2007. Sailings can be at any period. The P&O reservation system should be open from mid September for bookings for January onwards.

    I have used vouchers for a December crossing no problem.

    I shall also book several crossings for 2008 and simply then amend them as needed.

  6. RockieRV

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    Hey Russell -

    That is fab news! So I can still cash in my points before deadline, and then book for next year's sailing :BigGrin:
  7. RockieRV

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    :Eek!:I returned to tesco.com and downloaded info for P&O crossings - looks like you have to travel from portsmouth or hull and go to Bilbao or Holland.........

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