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Discussion in 'TV & Satellite' started by lunarman, Nov 5, 2012.

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    I have one of those cheaper LED tvs, the only thing that disappointed me is the quality of the sound. It is very thin and tinny. :Sad: I have also heard others say the same thing.

    I had a cheap set of laptop speakers which connected to the headphone socket but were powered by mains. No good off hook up without an inverter. So i looked around for 12v powered ones but could not find any. So another way was required.

    One of the features on my tv is the ability to record/play from a usb device so I thought can I use a set of PC speakers. Looking around there are loads of them but they needed drivers which of course i could not load into the tv. Then I came across these Argos laptop speakers. They are USB powered but take the audio from a headphone jack. Plugged them in to the tele (usb and heaphone jack) and they work perfrectly. :thumb:

    The sound has improved imensely much deeper and richer.

    So if any of you are suffering the sound of these cheap tvs there is a way:thumb:

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    A lot of MP3 player and mobile phone add-on speakers will also plug into the TV's headphone jack and give far better sound than the TV's own speakers too. Cheap as chips as well.
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    LED TV's - whether for the home or a van - always suffer from poor sound as there is simply not enough space for big enough speakers in the cabinet.

    In the van I have solved this issue in a different way. The sound system in the van (standard fit) is wired to speakers in the rear as well as the front. It has an aux in socket.

    So I bought a long extension speaker cable to run from the headphone socket in the TV to the aux in on the van system .

    Result - TV sound now through the van audio. Vey good!

    (In fact the van TV incorporates an FM transmitter so in theory you can tune the van radio into it. In practice this never worked very well as you had to choose a different frequency depending on where you are and I could never completely get rid of interference - a loud buzz.)

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