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    While in France recently my seatbelt locked up and wouldn't reel out. In order to carry on I dismantled the mechanism and pulled out the buckle to a suitable length and then used it as an old fashioned non-inertia seatbelt. I emailed Frankia from France and they informed me that the seatbelt was made by ISRI and I should contact Frankia's agent in the UK, which I did and I was informed that a replacement belt would be £125 + VAT + carriage from Italy. The worst part was that delivery would be in the order of 6 weeks. So I got on the net and as finally directed to TEK Seating in Tunbridge Wells. They asked me to send them my old belt, which I did on Monday of this week, and today I received it back fitted with a new mechanism and fully functional and meeting all regs. I refitted it this afternoon.
    Cost, £40 including VAT and postage. Outstanding service from them and a very fair price. Usual disclaimers apply ie I have no connection with them other than a very satisfied customer.
    Contact details ; 01892 515028
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