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    What a fabulous weekend, we chased the rain away shortly after we arrived.

    And wow John Maureen and family shed years off us

    thanks to cbrookson for the photo of hubby on the monkey bike he came first and then 2nd in the semi finals.

    You can have a look here

    He was like a teenager it was so lovely to relive our courting days.

    As the for the charity auction you all missed out on some fabulous bargains, books worth over £60 going a quid or two

    The fun and games over the weekend were really ace, and to see disabled children assisted by funsters in the game of rounders would have brought tears to many a funsters face.

    You just have to do this as an annual funster meet John next year.

    Yes I have a broken foot, yes I was in plaster, yes I burnt me toes because I forgot to put cream on them but YES I HAD A FABULOUS TIME

    And a big thanks to the blackbirds and funsters who hadnt met us before, we were welcomed with open arms and the massive 8mph mobility scooter was not a disavantage because no one made an issue of it. It was a great meet so many new faces, many many thanks, so sad we are now at home xxxxxxxxx
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