Teenager dies in crash between 'distinctive' Ford Fiesta and camper van

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    A teenager has died when the car he was driving crashed into a camper van on a Perthshire road.

    William Rennie, from Aberdeen, when the silver Ford Fiesta and Fiat camper van collided on the A85 road between Killin and Crianlarich on Sunday at around 10.55am.

    The 19-year-old is thought to have been part of a group of "distinctive" Ford Fiestas travelling from Aberdeen to Perthshire.

    The 47-year-old driver of the camper van was uninjured.

    Sergeant Andrew Thomson said: "We are keen to hear from anybody who may have seen the movements of a group of Ford Fiesta cars prior to the collision.

    "They had travelled from Aberdeen through Tayside and into the Loch Earn and Killin area.

    "The cars were quite distinctive as they were the old-style Fiestas.

    "We are particularly interested to hear from anybody who may have seen the Fiesta Mr Rennie was driving before it was involved in the collision. It was silver in colour with a blue bumper."

    The road was closed for more than six hours while the scene was cleared and road scene investigators examined the area.

    Anyone with information can phone Central Scotland Police road policing unit on 01786 456000 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

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    sticking my neck out here but.......

    my money's on the fiesta driver at fault !

    19yo with a load of mates on a 'drivers' road :Doh:
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    We were there after the incident and didn't realise this is what it was. Here is a clip from my diary of our trip which refers to this incident.

    We set off this morning heading south and when we got to Crianlarich, we should have turned right on the Glasgow road but that turning was missed and we ended up heading towards Perth but could divert towards the right direction later on. As we were driving along, a motorhome came towards us waving vigorously and flashing its lights. I found this very exciting and we both wave vigorously back. Blow me, within less than a minute, another one came along also flashing its lights, also waving and this time doing a turn around sort of sign. I said to Sandy that these were the happiest people I’d seen for a week and was very tempted to turn around and follow them, maybe they were being sociable. Not so. Only another mile or so down the road, we saw brake lights and slowed down to stop behind a long queue of traffic, most of which was doing three point turns and coming back. There was an accident up ahead, among which I could see a motorhome, and the policeman told us it would be blocked for quite a few hours. We just copied the others, did a three point turn, and went back. I do hope nobody was hurt but suspect somebody was. We could see a fire engine there too. Quite a dampener!
    Very sad.


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