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FOR SALE Talbot Express Petrol Engine and Gearbox for sale

Discussion in 'General Classifieds' started by john dennis, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. john dennis

    john dennis

    Dec 20, 2015
    Hi folks,

    This is the 1997cc (2ltr) petrol engine normally fitted to many motorcaravans of the 1990s complete with it's original gearbox still attached. This is not a short engine. It is a COMPLETE engine (i.e. just as it came out of the donor vehicle) with manifolds, starter, suspension rubbers, aircleaner, etc and of course the full gearbox. It should be a doddle to install in any existing vehicle.

    I owned and ran an Autohomes Camelot motorcaravan based on the Talbot Express for over 20 years. During my ownership I tackled most jobs on it. A few years before I finally sold it I decided to invest in a spare engine as I had heard of cylinder heads going on these models and people being charged enormous sums of money for replacements ( imported from France ) as the sellers had them over a barrel.

    In the finality I never needed the engine as the original vehicle behaved itself. A couple of years back I sold my Autohomes CAmelot and now I have the replacement engine for sale. It has been stored dry on a wooden pallet under cover in the back of my garage all the time.

    It's a genuine item. I bought the engine from a guy who had purchased a Talbot motorcaravan as a MOT failure (he lived at the coast and the salt air had rotted the donor vehicle beyond economic repair). He bought it from the scrapman so he could dismantle the motorcaravan habitation bits and put them into a relatively modern VW transporter he owned; so he didn't want the engine. He drove the donor vehicle back from the breakers himself. He said the engine was smooth and the speedo was reading 49,000 miles. I snapped it up on the spot and he just pulled it out as it stood and I put it in my garage where it has been ever since.

    These engines are rare now - especially with this kind of history. Bear in mind that I paid a fair bit for it originally because it wasn't just the engine I was getting, it was a fine Gearbox as well which can cost a fair few hundred by itself just to be overhauled. Anyway it's here for collection, as seen, by someone who is into classic campers and wants to keep their beast on the road for another decade or so. I want £950.00 O.N.O. for it.

    The purchaser will need to bring an engine lift with them and of course a trailer to put it in.

    If anyone is interested they can reach me on 07884977117 for more info.


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