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bill corbridge

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Sep 24, 2007
Sheffield. South Yorks
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12 months
Hi all.
I am new to all this so here goes.

About 12 months ago I purchased a Talbot Express Merlin motorhome.

Merlin needed some love and attention being a 1986 2 ltr petrol
First of all the doors were hanging off. On removing the trims the wooden frames were rotten, these I replaced and rehung the doors.

Next the roof leaked, so spent a day resealing roof.

The rear springs were sagging the opposite way. I purchased some rear spring assistors from Grayston, the kit consisted of 4 small coil springs which fitted into supplied brackets, 2 springs each side of wehicle.
These made a tremendose improvement to driveability and ride comfort also lifted vehicle by 5 inch.

My next major improvement was to have Merlin converted to run on LPG I had two 60 ltr tanks fitted one each side under side skirts out of sight.
The conversion has been a major success, and Gas is half price of petrol, also good for environment.

I have some bodywork to do on exterior, then to look at updating interior, this will give me something to do in near future. as I am now a retired single motorhomer.

Hope this gives some insight into my van and me, would be nice to here from anybody with similar van.

Bye for now, happy motorhoming.


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Aug 20, 2007
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Hi Bill and a Great Big Welcome to Motorhome Fun.

I am sure there are a lot of people on the site who can assist you.Feel free to post any questions on the Forums.
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