talbot Express 1991 hot water system query

Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by florenceedith, Apr 25, 2013.

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    Hi can anybdy help
    I have just bought a Talbot Express 1991 and cant get the hot water to work, the last owner never used the hot water so he could not help.
    the boiller is a Carver Cascade MK2 and the water pump is a
    Shurflo 8000 243-131.

    The problem
    when i turn on a the taps this activates the pump as normal, turn on a hot tap there is a slow flow of water that stops after a few seconds and, the pump is not activated.

    The pump is only conected to the cold water going into the boiler, and is not conected to the hot water anywhere,is this right.

    Im thinking that when you use a hot tap the water pressure in the boiler drops, the cold water then tops up the boiler and this activates the pump, is this right.

    None of the taps have micro switches.
    can anyone please help.:cry:
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    The pump is a pressure reliant one.. it switches on when it detects a drop in pressure

    Follow the feed pipe from the water heater and chances are very high you will find a tap somewhere that has probably been turned off to protect the boiler in freezing conditions ( a bit ott but hey ho .. usually a drain down is all that would be needed )

    If there is no tap then the line then it may well be the boiler has just completely silted up and is not allowing any flow.

    A quick ( and somewhat messy ! ) check would be to take the feed line off the boiler and see if the pump fires up ( have plenty of old towels ready though :winky: )
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    If you need a manual for that, you can download one from here: -

    We had problems with our Carver Cascade 2 water heater when we first bought our 'van. It turned out to be simply that we did not have enough water in the system - you have to have enough water flowing through the hot tap for it to work. Hope your problem is as simple.

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