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    The classic VW Type 2 camper van, now made in Brazil, can be bought new in the UK.

    The big difference between older vans and the current model is that the engine is now water-cooled rather than air-cooled. The Type 2 is now powered by the Polo 1.4 petrol engine and the nose of the van has been modified to take a radiator grille. This gives the front end a curiously 1960s East European look, but if it bothers you then Danbury can sell you a nose-mounted dummy spare-wheel cover drilled with dozens of vent holes. From a few feet away the cover appears solid, yet it lets enough air through for the radiator to do its job.

    Inside, the vans are kitted out by Danbury to usual motorhome spec which, on this Diamond Classic model, means cooker, fridge, fold-out double- bed, elevating roof and chintzy fabric. That big sliding door on the side makes getting in and out a doddle, although the hefty slam you need to shut it won't win you any friends on the campsite when you get out for a pee at two in the morning.

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    I was all overcome with nostalgia until I saw the price:Eeek:

    £38k.... a few grand more than me Bessie with all its comforts, I think I'll stick with me memories of our old Type 2 Devon...
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    Classic VW Campervan

    I own a 1992 VW Westfalia Eurovan CV. That is what it is referred to in the manual and here in Canada and the US there is the Vanagon model(rear engine vehicles prior to 1992) and the front engine Eurovan. Mine was shipped to Canada from Germany in February of that year and fitted out as a camper, with all the features you mention including the pop up roof with the additional bed, by Westfalia.
    In the US the basic van was fitted out by an American company.
    About a year ago, when shopping for parts in the UK, I discovered the difference in language, i.e. my Eurovan is known as a T4. I really would like to pin down a name for my beloved van because I now understand there are many T4 models and it becomes difficult trying to explain in an email. Haven't found any place that has heard of either the Vanagon or Eurovan models. Does mine qualify as a "Classic VW Campervan"?
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    Of course.

    I had a 1972 Devon tin top Type 2 and a 1978 Devon Pop top type 2. I always thought the split screen model was the "Classic" I guess it goes up, mine was a classic when the T4 came out, now with the T5 out, the T4 becomes a Classic... etc

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    I am certain that they now have stopped making them only recently, due to EU directives because they cannot fit certain safety features on them like air bags. it was featured in the national newspapers as well as on TV .
    Such a shame :cry:another icon gone but not forgotten, I have a garage not far from me who specialises in repairing and renovating them, he had about 20 in there on Monday when I went there, only does VW`s

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    Hi, Having imported a few VW T4s from Germany into the UK they all say Eurovan on the paperwork. This is the official name for them. There are 2 types, long bonnet and short bonnet. T4 is an abbreviation of Type 4 and is what they are commonly known as. I hope this clears things up for you. Below is the last one I brought in from Germany, a T4 Dehler Profi. Very rare and sought after as they have a shower and toilet. Built by the well respected German boat builder Dehler.

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