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    I have had a quick search of the forums and cannot find much reference to this, so here goes - done on a best efforts basis and without responsibilty.

    Motorhomes UNDER 3500kg. These vehicles will be required to buy a vignette at the border. This is a small stcker that MUST be applied to the inside of the windscreen - not loose on the dash board. The cost is 40 Swiss Francs (CHF) and is valid for upto 14 months. The vignette shows a "date" within the detail. This is a year, for example 2008, 2009, 2010 etc

    A 2010 vignette can be bought on 1st December 2009 and is valid until 31st January 2011 - this is maximum validity.

    The same 2010 vignette can be purchased in, for example, August 2010 and is still only valid to 31st January 2011.

    For motorhomes over 3500kg....

    You need a different set of paperwork. Basically, you go into the office at the border and complete a form. The tariff is as follows.

    Daily charge - 3.25 CHF

    Minimum charge - 25 CHF

    Annual pass allowing 10 days worth of travel in a 12 month period - 32.50 CHF.

    The form has ten empty boxes where you simply write the date for the journey you are making.

    For example - you drive from Basle (border) to Lucerne on 10-11-2009, so you simply write the date in the box. The day after, 11-11-2009, you travel from Lucerne - Chiasso - so again, fill in another box.

    Hope this is some use.

    Also, the main border points accept credit cards, cash and Euro.

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    Hi Russell the over 3500k category is not a toll for driving on the M/Ways, its an HGV tax, and is payable for all the days you stay in Switzerland. So if you buy a ten day one, you can only stay 10 days, it applies ALL the time you are in Switzerland, and that includes the time you spend on a campsite.

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    Mar 21, 2009
    and if you're a big motor home towing a car, the form for your Motor home AND a vignette for the car/trailer.
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