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  1. bjet

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    Nov 1, 2011
    Has anyone had this problem ? After thoroughly cleaning the screen externally, all seems well BUT after moisture contacts the glass there appear marks on the screen. These marks look like balloon shapes on strings. The balloons are about 3cm across and equispaced at 1cm intervals exactly in the driver's and passenger's eyeline across the full width of the windscreen !
    Repeatedly cleaning the screen results in the same thing happening. EACH TIME THE "BALLOONS" ARE IN THE SAME PLACES when the cleaned screen is wetted. This problem was first observed during the first week of purchasing the van NEW. The vending dealer has procrastinated for 18 months without resolving the issue.

    It seems to me that the glass has been subject to chemical contamination which reacts with water and that the only sensible solution would be to replace the windscreen with a new one.

    Any advice ?
  2. aba

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    Oct 27, 2009
    bust it and get autoglass out is one option but could cost you on your insurance excess ect.

    maybe get some paint thinners on a cloth and wipe the screen with that.

    i sometimes get the balloon effect on ours and it seems to be where the water has dripped off the over cab.

    normally its something like silicone contamination from when they cleaned the van before you picked it up and is not very nice to get rid of.

    although a run out in winter with all the salt spray from the road sometimes breaks it up.
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    Aug 26, 2007
    YO11 2BD
    same thing on a Kontiki i previously owned.

    took a while to work it out as well until one day i looked as it rained.

    the upside down 'teardrop' shaped marks were in a straight line across the screen in the same place you mention.

    i found it was caused by roof water dripping off the overcab bulge directly onto the screen in exactly the same place every time it rained.
    over time it had 'etched' the glass but was only really visible on a wet screen.

    Ooops...just read Aba's reply
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