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  1. bailey


    Jan 18, 2010
    Airdrie Scotland
    Regarding the above i would like to make some observations

    1 In my 25 years of c/vans and the last 4 years with a m/home i would sugest that Swift have the lions share of the market place in the uk this is based on the m/homes i see on the road and on sites ?on this basis there would be more fault reports reported based on volume

    2 There was a forum member that reported that he had 30 faults with his Bessacarr yes the Man quality control should have picked this up but surely the Dealer who should have done a p.d.i and fixed them, Also the c/mer before he took Dell Perhaps i am lucky as the Dealer i go to welcomes you to spend as much time with the van all serviced up and indeed over night if you want to before you accept.i know that you cant pick up all faults but 30 faults:::::::

    3 Also reading most of the threads the Dealer is quick to pass on direct to the Man all problems and Bucking his reasponsibility,you dont get car dealers directing you to the Man.Also Warranty problems why cant we go to any dealer with our problems (Man please note )Because of this we in Scotland are limited to Dealers we can go to, bringing down our choice of Man.Should the industry be brought in line with the car ind.P.S I am glad i got this of my chest and would wecome any comments

    Thanks Bill :cry::Doh:
  2. WillH

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    Feb 9, 2008
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    Go along with most of what you say.

    1. Swift do seem to have a large share of the market, especially visible if like us you use a lot of Cravan Club sites. Given this share, faults seem to be small in number.

    2. Apart from the judder we had only one fault on delivery, (fridge wouldn't work on 12v, took me a few weeks to find out), repaired no quibble. PDI should expose most faults .

    3. Like you, I live in Scotland, dealer is over 100 miles away. Not quite the nearest dealer but having decided to live here a long time ago accept that with a small population in a big area services of any sort are spread thinly, i.e. car dealer 50 miles, heating engineer 50 miles etc.

    Had our Swift 2 years now and love it even more, would probably be away now but a family wedding is clogging the calendar.

  3. Johns_Cross_Motorhomes

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    Jan 5, 2008
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    We dont pass on the buck to Swift unless it is a major problem that Swift prefer to sort themselves although in 99% of those we are quite capable of doing it in our workshops.

    Swift offer the best back up and after sales of any converter, that is why we stock Swift and AuitoCruise.


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