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    If anyone has any info, advice on Sunseekers it would be greatly appreciated .
    Learning as we go along . We cant find the water heater tank ?? If anyone knows where that is and how to fill it up and we have a button that says Artic we press it and a light comes on but what is it supposed to do ??? [I know its for when its cold:Smile:]but it doesnt seem to heat up anymore than normal heating ?
    The information which we were given tells us how to fit everything from brand new but as its already fitted thats no use !
    We need to know where things are and how to use them !!:winky:
    Thanks :thumb:
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    I'm guessing that the button, is for a heater in your waste tanks. An "Artic package" is a term used for an RV that is equipped with additional insulation and heated holding tanks for winter camping in cold climes:Smile: Its just a guess though::bigsmile:
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    Hi Lisalou

    You will either have an Atwood or a Suburban water heater.
    On the outside of your bus will be a "door" similar to that in the pic, the water heater is located behind it.

    Manuals are easy enough to download off the 'net if you know which one you need ::bigsmile:
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    Hi Lisa

    As Linda says the tank is behind the outer grill and cannot not be easily seen the tank should be encased in insulation anyway, as regards filling the tank should not have to the water pump should pump the water through!

    Regards Pat
  5. lisalou

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    :Smile:Thanks everyone for the info, thats great ! ::bigsmile:

    Even what i think i know I dont !!:Doh:
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    here's a link. :winky::winky: (Know what I mean)

    Sunseekers Inc - WA's Premier Nudist Club


  7. lisalou

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    :Eeek::Eeek::Eeek:Very clever !!:whatthe::whatthe::whatthe:

    :winky:Youre not telling me you just happened to come across that website by accident !:winky::winky:

    Ive been searching sunseeker for ages and never seen it !!!

    Having had 6 kids and 1 motorhome im quite sure its the motorhome i need help with !!!:thumb:


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