Sunscreen/awning spare bits

Oct 10, 2009
Bishop's Stortford
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A fellow Funster was kind enough to contact me when I posted about not being able to get hold of a side and front panel for my Thule Ominstor 4900 awning, and said he had panels he could sell me. I took him up on his offer and picked them up recently. I have now fitted the fixing points and have been left with a bag of assorted parts which the seller was kind enough to give me along with the panels in case they were useful.

These are:

Fixation bag 5002/5003 for an Omnistor awning

Fixation bag 8000 - not sure if this is for an Omnistor awning but looks like the one on the Thule web site

Two connectors to be fixed to the arms of a Brustor awning with one piece that looks like it fits inside the awning box to receive one of the connectors.

Two bolts and a number of washers from a 6200 awning fitting kit (Luifel bag 6200 Pitch control 2017)

I will place a "Classified" offering these free to anyone who wants them.

Some of the items are rather expensive on the website, and may no longer be available.

I would put pictures in, but for some reason I can't get pictures from our posh iPhone to upload to the site!