Suncontrol2 MPPT wiring to starter battery (1 Viewer)

Feb 14, 2021
Milton Keynes, UK
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Generally my solar is not connected to my Starter battery as I tend to use the van a lot March - November and occasionally plug it into the the EHU in winter on my drive. I noticed the other day the leisure batteries were full so I thought why waste the solar? - do a temporary connection to the starter.

However, a question on connecting this up. The Suncontrol 2 only has one negative connection for the batteries #4 on diagram (There are 2 positive - one for leisure and one for starter B1 and B2)

It is just as well to connect the negative of the starter to the negative of leisure as this is where the negative of the Suncontrol is going anyway.

So effectively is it exactly the same as connecting it directly into the battery negative on the controller? I assume this is not linking the starter to the leisure as the positives are independent.

Makes sense to me - just need some confirmation please?


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