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    Jan 16, 2013
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    We are about to embark on a 27 day trip to Spain and France we are sailing to Bilbao on the 26th June and then heading across to the Med,as we have never done Spain before we are looking for a bit of help.

    Firstly with the best route, we want to head close to the French border so we can come back via France but we are looking for a camp site with direct beach access that will take a Pet dog is small and not to noisy.

    Secondly with the route from Bilbao we want to stay in Spain and try to keep of the Motorways.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated we have a Cathargo M liner so it is quite a large unit

    Thanks Tony/Margaret
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    Oradour sur Vayres
    We are not long back from doing Spain for the first time albeit from Calais, not Blibao.

    Our best advice would be make sure you have a good map, the All the Aires book and try not to plan too far ahead.

    I cannot see the size of your outfit being the slightest problem but if you are using Tom Tom or similar then check out the route on the map beforehand as it has a habit of cutting corners off and using dried up river beds.

    Bearing in mind you are off in June and we were out there in winter you may well decide to go no further than France, it is just the tops for motorhoming in.

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    roche cornwall
    i would forget the med . off ferry turn right . travel as close as you can to the sea . stopping as and when you feel like it . at ribadasella turn left head up to the picos. work your way back via riano by a big lake.potes ,then down to sarceda thenup to reinosa and another big lake. then back to bilbao . i would use all the time doing that . but if you follow the coast back through spain and up the west coast you will love it . its a great area .always try to follow the coast . apart from up in the mountains .
    i love asturia and cantarbria . and galecia . i would miss france and carry along in spain .
    get a cepsa mapamax map book off amazon . i think they are the best maps for spain and portugal .
    i do these roads in my artic camper on the left so its easy for you.
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    Cantoria . Spain .
    drive down to Almeria , beautifull area of Spain . lots of very good acsi sites to stay on, best one is at Bolneuvo , nr Mazarron . have a good and safe trip .
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    Harwich, Essex
    The drive from Bilbao to the med coast of Spain is monotonous & boring - just long straight roads, once when we were driving along them I just remarked to Tony that i imagined that it was like travelling across the wild flat plains of Virginia when a tumbleweed actually blew across the road in front of the van! Don't have to use motorways.
    We found a lovely campsite about half way across, came across it by accident, it was a little oasis in the middle of a desert and it was so nice, peaceful that we ended up staying for 5 nights!!!
    Beware the Costas - they are very busy and difficult to maneuver round if you have a large van although there are some nice campsites there.
    Not many Aires or free camping avaliable that time of year as the police tend to move you on.
    The Sierra de Sugura is also a nice place to try just a bit inland.
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    Thats true if weather is ok. Beautiful area if sun is shining. If its raining it rains and you cannot see anything. BUSBY.:BigGrin:

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