Subs are going up on the 3rd August

Jan 9, 2014
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I'll take a look for you. These subs have to be added manually. The majority of people took 3 and it might have been muscle memory that just gave you the 3. I'll sort it (y)
Yeah, it does show 3 years. However, the expiry date now shows as it should at 2027, so all sorted, I think.

Many thanks. Jim.


Dec 9, 2013
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I was hoping to purchase 3 years, but the offer has been withdraw. thats what happens when you have a weekend away in the Motorhome.

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Sep 2, 2014
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Is Paypal the only way to pay for 3 years as the annual renewal option can be by bank transfer.

I have not used Paypal for years and when I tried to login the authentification code did not arrive on my phone.

I am happy to pay to the bank details listed on the my annual subscription page.

I assume the 3 years will run from my renewal ate in Dec '21.


Subs have been the same price here for almost 8 years. On Monday they will go up a fiver a year, to 瞿20. This rise plays an essential part in our plans to keep this the very best place for motorhome enthusiasts and continue to make it better and better.

I know from bitter experience this will make some of you moan, but please dont do it here, if you dont see the value, if you dont want to pay, no one is forcing you to, just dont renew when the time comes. No hard feelings from me. (y) If you pay your subs with a PayPal standing order it will be automatically adjusted to the new rate.

Its not all bad news, this is the first subs rise since we introduced Life Membership, so I imagine most life members will be delighted with this news. :D


Pre Subs Rise Sale
Before the subs go up, I am offering people the chance to grab multiple years at LESS than the old rate. If you fancy some of that then click on one of the options below and the extra subs will be added to your account over the course of the next few days.

Sale ends link removed.
Buy 3 years @ 瞿40

Buy 5 years @ 瞿70

10 Years @ 瞿110

Life Membership @ 瞿150

If you buy subs and already have a standing order in place don't forget to cancel it. Check here and see if you have an auto renew set up. If you do. don't forget to cancel it in PayPal or you will pay us twice.
Hi Jim
I appear to have paid 瞿35, Pay pal did not upgrade my payment so I have paid 瞿15 on the 4th and I have paid 瞿20 on my card on the 24th. Can I just send another 瞿5 for a three year membership.
Keep up the good work

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