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    Jul 19, 2007
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    Well what a great time we had at Stratford. We had 25 funsters arrive on Monday, who all seemed to time their arrival during the heaviest bits of rainfall :rain:
    Early evening Monday saw a lull in rainy weather and a bunch of volunteers were able to get two marquees up and lashed together in time for fish and chips washed down with a beer. Then everyday saw another 5 or more funsters arrive, but this time to Glorious sunshine, albeit a bit blowy at times.

    The show was small, but funsters were buying… a steady stream of bags and boxes were lugged back from the show, one Funster bought a new Motorhome! The real attraction of this rally is the town of Stratford, just a stroll along the river and most of us did that trip more than once.

    Our ‘compound’ attracted plenty of attention from other club areas , so much so that we had ‘defectors’ from other clubs, who came into our area waving a tenner saying can we park up with you guys. A big welcome to Stuart and Cathy, Dave, Phil and Jill.:thumb:

    Marshaling can be hard work, but marshaling Funsters is always a pleasure. Such a relaxed and happy bunch of motorhomers as you’d find anywhere. But we weren’t alone, we had lots of help and Sian has given me a list so as not to forget anyone!

    Thanks to everyone who donated prizes to the raffle, we were overwhelmed with the number, well over 45 prizes. We raised £220 on the raffle and a further £40 from Steve’s (Ash) Football cards. This money will buy a propane blower heater and plenty of gas to keep us warm during rallies in the colder months.

    Thanks to Gail (Ourcampersbeentrashed) who helped Sian get 20lbs of cake into the hands of hungry funsters.

    Thank you to Marie, (PenelopePitstop) and Jenny (Sedge) who did a fantastic job selling raffle tickets, and to Rex (Black Five) who helped Sian, Marie and Jenny fold all 1100+ tickets before the draw, Thanks to Jessica (5) who pulled all the raffle tickets from the bag. Though it must be said that there were calls for stewards inquiry when Jessica seemed to only be able to find Dave's (Snowbird) tickets. :Smile:

    Thanks must go to John, Road Runner who drove me to the Supermarket twice. The first time was to buy an assortment of cakes to feed 100 Funsters. The second trip we went to but a couple of lbs of butter, bottles of Tomato and Daddies sauce, 200 rolls and 400 rashers of bacon. John’s inducement for these trips was the promise of as many free bacon butties as he could eat on Sunday.. He managed 4!:thumb:

    Big thanks to Jock and Rita for their help in cooking and serving 400 rashers of bacon, thanks to all those that popped in, donned the blue gloves and helped butter the rolls. Thanks to John and Kath for the help and the use of their Cadac.

    Thank you to all those who came and helped drop the marquees and help me and Sian pack it all away.

    Its lovely to see everyone enjoying the weather, sat outside their vans, chatting with others and helping each other out. So the biggest thanks is reserved for all those Funsters that turned up and had fun.

    till next time,

    Jim and Sian
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    May 8, 2010
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    We were a little unsure of what to expect at first but all made us welcome. Thanks to Sian and yourself for the great few days we had.:thumb:
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    Jul 26, 2007

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