Strange choice of holiday companions

Discussion in 'Pets' started by bashers, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. bashers


    Mar 21, 2009
    We're now at week three of a years travel and we've seen some wierd and wonderful things travelling with people in their motorhomes just in France


    Now these two campers today in Monbazillac:

    How many is "too many dogs":
    There's 8 in that brood.
    Is 8 too many?

    Next door to that was this one:
  2. gazznsam


    May 15, 2009
    Eastwood, Notts
    cool, lol.. (sam here) as my other half is snorring his head off. :roflmto:

    we spent upto 9 months in europe in 2007 and loved every minute of our euro tour in kampy (our self built motorhome) which i'm sitting in now. ::bigsmile: on wifi,. yey internet! lol

    we also have some strange pets with us,
    we take our 4 fancy pet rats with us everywhere we go, as they've got a small cage on the wall of our van! :roflmto: with some guttering going across where the cab is (its blocked off with a sliding door in the middle) and across the 2 curtain pelms either side, so they can have the top cage door open and come and go as they please. :Smile:

    toffee our dog gets on fine with them, and we all go for walks around the temp holiday sites, with people staring opened mouthed at us from inside there vans, as we have rats.. :xrofl: :ROFLMAO:

    (only going around england this year, as O/H passport has ran out) so please eat some lovely currywurst for us. :Sad: (we ate our last packet of Know (knor) currywurst last month and cried over it.. lol

    we saw dogs over in france, and a couple had a dog called Micky and another one which i've forgotten his name, they were very friendly, but we couldnt speak french nor they could speak english, but we did alot of signs and pointing, :)
    had a great time out there and miss it lots.

    we went to soo many places that i've forgotten the names, lol

    I've never seen a travelling tortouse tho? cool.
    a couple of guneia pigs in someones van over in Interlaken (swiss alps), they used to park up at the station car park next to us, but alass thats been height barried now, so no more free motorhome parking there.

    the only place we found was under the off ramp to a road (bridge thing) near the lovely clear blue river) theres room for 1 motorhome, and its free wild camping, heehee.. shh! nice spot.
  3. peter marshall

    peter marshall

    Mar 5, 2009
    Hi we have seen a bis rabbit on a lead in the uk, 2 cats on leads in france, but the tort looks good. Peter:thumb:

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