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Jun 20, 2021
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And to give CAMC some positive's
I have found the facilities at the storage area to be great
A van washing area. Van waste and water facilities. Loo’s as well
It’s gold secure and the staff are always helpful
So whilst £810 I still feel is on the expensive side it’s nice to have all the facilities. Some of the alternatives may be cheaper but not yet worth a move

Blimey. I’ve just convinced myself that £810 is good value 🤪😂🤷
Aug 18, 2014
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So do they carry insurance and how secure?
It doesn't matter whether they have or not they are only for the sites benefit. Anyone storing there in the event of any type of accident/claim/fire would have to be claiming off there own insurance.Just like car parks/supermarkets there will be disclaimers & statements that your vehicle must be insured & no liability accepted..

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Oct 18, 2022
South West
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A lot does depend on where you live in the country.
Mine is stored in a gold cassoa site located in Grimsby , hard standing, CCTV, fob entry, wash bay, run by a family business.
They charge £42 / month. I've been expecting an increase for the past two years.
Maybe this coming year now, having posted this.
Same facilities here, just gone up from £45 to £48pm. Could park it on the drive but very exposed and steep. Storage site is better for me.

I’m not surprised about CAMC storage costs, charging over the odds is what they do best.
Jul 2, 2018
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We have ours is on a storage site on hard standing two locked gate’s and all covered by 4 cameras, can go to the site any time, cost £350 a year, and you can leave your car on the pitch when away, near Rushden Northants
Nov 25, 2013
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Yep, rip off because it’s Kent. I pay £80 a month for a rough bit of ground, in the open, no power and a single tap that I can reach at a stretch of the hose, constantly having to wash the van due to the amount of trees and the dreaded green slime. Mind you, it’s 2 miles from home, access 24/7 and a saving of £20 a month over the last location, that was 17 miles away and a shite hole, with limited access.

Would love a warm, heated barn and power.
Where in Kent are you storing Sounds like Medway Bridge Marina?

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May 16, 2023
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We're £40/mo for a outside hardcore yard at a farm, access to water, electricity if needed, but not perm ehu. 24/7 access (with pre notification in winter), exterior gate with coded phone access in both directions, interior yard with a secondary 12 ft solid steel gate, with tractor parked behind unless you have pre-notified. Stores 100 mh/van and ~ lots of valulable farm equipments. It is CassoA assessed at moment as Silver, but he's aiming for Platinum and improves things every month.

24/7 security man on site, cameras, fences and high sides so cannot avoid the above single route in.

ABout the only negative in ^ is fact it's a farm, but theres also a positive in there are SEVERAL businesses with way more valuable stock than the mh/vans with far less security further up the same gated compond. Ie, it's a bit like if anyone was scoping the place they'd go for the easier pickings I suspect.

Downside is the farmer offering this is quite old, and we doubt he'll be doing this for ever -> but he loves the caravan/motorhomers doing it. Oh and best bit is there is both a gas distibuter of flogas and a cafe on site, allowing us to all just get refills and lunch without any faff via some of his other tenants -> and the gas distributor even is large enough that they will never not have stock of every size of bottle so there is no 6kg issues in supply unlike calor.

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