Storage - Beware the Postcode Lottery (but thanks due too)


Mar 5, 2010
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Due to a change in circumstances I've had to re-arrange storage for Bertie and found a CaSSOA Gold site much nearer to home that had a space free and the cost was comparable. Advised the insurance brokers and was astonished when a reply came to the effect of an INCREASE of premium by 75%, rather than the discount I expected!

‘Twas a good job it was in the evening I got the email because it gave my blood pressure (and temper!) time to cool down before I called. I won’t go into the full details here, suffice it to say telephone calls and emails were exchanged with my broker, another specialist, CaSSOA and of course the site owner who was alarmed because the reason given for the increase was the postcode!

Turns out I was moving the van from a Durham postcode, which was in the lowest risk category, to a Newcastle code that was a much higher risk – high enough that if the van was to be kept at home in that area the insurers would have declined cover! No consideration was given to the high security and excellent record of the CaSSOA Gold site. Other insurers could not better the new premium and retain the extra cover I needed so I told everyone the move was off until I could sort something better out.

Then at 1802 last night I received a telephone call from my broker who had reviewed the case with their underwriter and agreed that they would accept the new storage facility without any increase in the premium. Result! So we’re moving at the weekend.

And the name of my broker? Comfort Insurance, as recommended on here, went that extra mile and have ended up with an extremely satisfied customer who is happy to recommend them to all and sundry.

I also shouldn't forget Nigel at AIB (forum sponsors) who spent a good deal of time with explanations and trying to find me a suitable alternative. Thanks pal.

I know that this situation is probably not typical, but the moral is that if you feel you are being treated unfairly (do you think I was?) it is worthwhile persevering.

And check with your insurer before arranging storage!


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Sep 14, 2013
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I have found that insurance companies give not a jot for CaSSOA, and neither do they give a discount if you are stored in one.
We moved from a CaSSOA site in the country, near Kirkham, Lancashire, to a farm with no rating next to the A6, Lancaster area.....result, quote £40.00 CHEAPER!!


Aug 20, 2007
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The main problem with insurance in general is the crude mechanism used by many companies these days.

My brother (solicitor specialising in insurance law) commented a few years ago that few companies these days will take the trouble to write specific policies. To an extent that is understandable as the companies need to control costs to fund the low premiums which we all demand but too many of them fail to use models which take into account all relevant factors.
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