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Discussion in 'Spain' started by emmitdb, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Hi All,

    We are heading off to hopefully warmer climes next week for our longest trip yet to Spain/Portugal.

    I'm posting it here because there's no point in posting the same questions in each of the Countries sections.

    Question,1. Having been to Spain we appreciate that there aren't Aires offering 'Dump' facilities in every Town/City, let alone village as there are in France. We had slight probs last time in finding suitable places and, as a consequence we are now equipped with a sep. cassette. However, (and here's the question) Do campsites allow 'vans to use their 'Service Facilities' as a rule? We appreciate that there would be a fee involved and totally understand that there should be, but, is it the 'norm' to call in and ask should the need arise.

    Question 2. Quite rightly SWMBO wants to spend the Christmas festive period in a Stalag, (sorry campsite, @vwalan, you're a bad influence) and I anticipate that we'll be in Portugal by then. Can anyone suggest a site that isn't of the "All singing, all dancing" type, a bar would be good , where we won't be in a minority of one in regard to nationalities. Preferably in a town/village that isn't boarded up for the winter, at the coastish.
    I see @Birtha has posed the same question, sorta, earlier today so I'll be taking a note of all those entries as well.

    As usual, thanks to all contributors in advance.
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    Regarding Dump locations...if you have Campercontact App and other type of info you can plan your routes via such places...I believe that Camperstops would be more suitable for these actions....some bus garages do have these as do motorway sevice stations.
    Regarding turning up at a campsite for this reason, I would imagine you would not be received positively...they want you to stay and not just to use their services...even if you did offer to pay.
    Sorry I cannot offer an answer to your second question....good luck with that.
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