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    James has spent the morning with the Sterling Power sales rep and has shown me the new range of Sterling inverters.

    They seem excellent value for money but more interestingly the new built in bits.

    I have been banging my head against a wall for some little time trying to give free advice to members thinking about installing or having an inverter installed to include am earth trip switch

    your 13amp sockets in the motorhome will be protected when you use them by a (RCD or RCCD) most people know this as the "earth trip switch.

    On good modern caravan sites the supply (mains hook up) should have one on the post/point you use to plug into.

    When you use an inverter, the bigger ones that are wired in permanently you have no protection should a mains fault develop.

    In my mind this is a far bigger danger than reversed polarity that everyone gets so upset about.

    Personally I have never bothered to check the status of the polarity on a site, but wouldn't dream of using an inverter without a RCD

    There have been lots of discussion if you need it and I have pointed to Dometic, Sterling, Victron and Mastervolts instructions to point out that one should be fitted when installing an inverter

    Sterling have taken the bold move now to actually build one into the inverter to force people to understand that these RCD's are very important.

    Van Bitz customers that have had an inverter installed in the last five years or so don't need to check as we have included a device as standard.

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