Sterling Battery Smart BMS App - Can't Connect (1 Viewer)

Kannon Fodda

Feb 26, 2019
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I have a Sterling Power 120Ah Lithium. Will be about 3 years old, supplied through Vanbitz. Appears to be working fine all monitored through Victron shunt and solar gear.

There is an app, apparently by Daly, Smart BMS, downloaded via the Sterling Power website to monitor the BMS. I haven't worried about this too much until now as it was Android based, and I didn't have an appropriate toy. Now I do have an Android smartphone, so being curious I've tried, and failed to get it working.

I have tried the latest version of the App, 2.5.2 from this February 2023. As I couldn't get it to work, I've founds a number of older versions, tried those too, and similar result.

I can connect to the battery on bluetooth in the phone's settings. It appears to pair correctly, which to me suggests the BMS is running?

The App itself is the problem, whatever version. I accept the options that the app needs to use location settings (something to do with the bluetooth detection). There is no manual for the APP that I can find, just a few dodgy video type explanations that seem to imply it finds the BMS automagically and it just shows up in the App? The Device Name options remain empty, and I can't see what should be added? I suspect that process is wrong?


Oct 15, 2013
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I have Sterling lithium installed by VanBitz and was told that whilst there is an App to leave well alone and don't meddle! I have therefore not downloaded the App and won't be doing so! The system is looking after itself fine by the seem of it!

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