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    Sep 3, 2015
    Hi all, my first post so please go easy on me..
    I am considering fitting one of the sterling A2B chargers to fast charge my leisure batteries when on the move (mainly because I don't do really long journeys 3 - 4 hours at very most but usually around 2, and, once parked-up, I might be static for up to 5 days) and only have an approx 75amp alternator with very basic split charge relays fitted to the battery banks (detailed below).
    I've read a lot about both the A2B, the B2B and also the more simple 0.0v drop alternator splitter (and how to go about installing each item and/or combination of either charger + the splitter).
    I have 3 battery banks: 1 x 85amp starter, 1 x 125amp leisure; currently running just the head unit atm, and 2 x 180 leisure running the remaining elements of the sound system (1 x sub: active, & 4 x 6x9's: powered), and also, when needed (although I haven't as yet) a pure sine wave inverter. Other items all currently run on gas.
    The basic split charge relays currently fitted simply do not divert enough charge to the leisure batteries for reasons I already fully understand.
    My questions are these..
    1) Can a 12v solar panel set-up be run into the A2B to further boost it's own output? (this would obviously be in addition to the vehicle alternator). If yes, does this mean there are separate inputs on the unit to accommodate this? and, would the engine need to running for it to produce this higher output?
    2) Once parked-up, can the A2B/B2B receive power from a hook-up/genny to then act as an on-board battery charger for the battery banks? (If no, does this mean a separate connect-and-forget style charger is required?)
    3) If using either the A2B or the B2B, but combining with a 0.0v drop splitter (to direct current to battery banks 2 & 3), will the splitter direct the appropriate charge level(s) to the most depleted bank?
    These sterling bits are expensive items and I really want to get some advice before taking the plunge, as I only want to do this set-up the once.
    I probably have more questions but that's all I can think of for now. Cheers.
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    Welcome to the forum (y)
    I would have posted that in Tech Mech after introducing yourself ;)

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