Stereo Sound Loss From Rear Speakers. (1 Viewer)

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Sep 15, 2009
Sussex coast
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Hi I've lossed sound from rear speakers in my sprinter conversion. It has 2 biggish speakers and amp in rear amp has power light showing. But whatever I do on head to not I can't get any rear sound. Any ideas as to what I should look for check please ? Thanks


Deleted User
I assume that you've played with the fader and balance controls, with no effect.

Could you connect a different audio source to the rear amp, to confirm that it's working ?

Most amps have phono inputs, use a 3.5mm to phono/rca lead plugged into mp3 player or tablet to test.

If you get sound, you can assume the problem is head unit or phono leads. Then it might be a case of removing the head unit, inspecting/swapping the leads around to diagnose the problem.

No sound, chances are the amp's faulty (not that uncommon). Sometimes fuse blown inside amp, sometimes broken solder...

If the amp is broken, I would probably buy a replacement rather than repair - very cheap to buy from amazon / ebay.

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