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    May 31, 2009
    recently I parked for the night next to a french motorhome ; whilst I was checking around the outside in the morning prior to hitting the road , he started his engine , then came out for a chat

    not surprisingly the subject of why he started up his engine and left it ticking over for 10 minutes came up ; he explained that before he retired he owned a business maintaining and rebuilding diesel engines , taking over from his father and inherited by his son

    he stated that he would never drive until the engine was reasonably warm , temperature needle started up the guage was his measure , as it was for his father he said ; tears the guts out of them if you don't he said

    so it got me thinking about my method which is [approx] start engine , wait 10 seconds or so , drive VERY gently at low revs for the first 5 Km or so until temperature is up to normal running ; to be fair I have a subsidiary reason for that , I have the famous external 5th gear , and want the gearbox oil to warm and circulate before I use that gear ..also when I turn off the engine , a few minutes at tick over to disperse the heat in the turbo

    and last night I saw a nice new TATA pickup [ whatever that is ] ; on the dashboard was a sticker [ looked OE ]saying [ in spanish ] not to drive with a cold engine but warm for 5 minutes , and not to switch off immediately when the engine is really hot , wait 5 minutes then as well [ turbo diesel also of course ]

    are you all in the habit of doing this ? or doesn't it make any difference with modern engines ?
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  2. Geo

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    Jul 29, 2007
    The clue to your new found friends methods are in the statement "before he retired" which puts him firmly in the "Old School"
    To days engines are designed and built to be start and go stop when ready, how do you think white van man drives. the 2nd clue is in the last vehicle you looked at The TaTa as we in the trade call it, again tractor technology old hat, out dated, even the brand new ones, hence the stckers
    A lot of the older American RV diesel Owners do just the same as your friend, Old American steel and tech:RollEyes:
    Your adopted driving style is just fine:thumb:
  3. Jaws

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    Sep 26, 2008
    Spot on ! I am absolutely with Geo on this ..

    The Tata is made in India.. They are a great old work horse but are really from a previous era and have never been brought up to date

    Obviously no engine should be ragged straight from start up but normal use is perfectrly err well normal !

    There really is only one engine left in the world that should be brought up to temperature, and even those are somewhat old now ( as in last one for public consumption was sold around 2 or three years ago ).
    Tis the two stroke engine range as fitted in the Aprilia bikes. Fail to bring one of those up to temperature and you get the very odd phenomena of a cold seizure.
    Ruddy things are for ever nipping up on youngsters with who have the patience of a mere cat on speed !
  4. pappajohn

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    Aug 26, 2007
    YO11 2BD
    same as wot them two sed..

    warm up an engine under load...not '0 to 60 in 5 seconds' type load, but a light load.
    gentle acceleration and use the gears to keep some revs on.

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