Starter battery charging voltages on EHU (1 Viewer)

Feb 14, 2021
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Not a problem but more an education lesson question. My van is parked up on my drive. The solar charges the leisure only. So i have been keeping an eye on the starter battery.

On EHU it seems only to deliver around 13.2 Volts (read by multimeter - the Burstner guage says 12.7 but it always reads lower than the multi meter)

Now, I have also read that an AGM battery should charge at a minimum of 13.5. I am aware that the EBL prioritises the Leisure's but am just concerned that the starter battery could not be being kept in the best condition?

As soon as I start the engine the charge voltage jumps to a more respectable 14 volt plus.


Lenny HB

Oct 18, 2007
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The EBL should be giving the starter battery a 2 amp trickle charge at 13.7v.
The AGM Leisure battery the voltage should rise to 14.7v then hold at that for 4 hours before dropping to a float charge at 13.7v.
If the AGM battery doesn't get a proper charge it won't last long but often don't last long anyway.
If you turn the charger off and draw a bit of current out of the batteries then when you turn it back on you should be able to see what is happening.
Most likely is that your batteries are fully charged and are sitting at the float voltage.
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