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    May 22, 2013
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    Can anyone please tell me if there is a roof rack kit for the Starfire. I am intending to buy one in the near future and one of the main requirements will be to carry kayaks on the roof. I am interested to know how the roof is made and how strong it is regarding load bearing, also can the roof be screwed into for attaching brackets, etc. I have heard that some people can walk about on the roof of their motorhome and use them for sitting on when watching racing events.
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    I would ask an expert before loading up you roof, I know some vans are designed to take extra weight and people walking on them but I thought that 50Kg was the maximum load spread out over the roof, if you intend to have a satellite dish, solar panel etc. you need to know what a roof rack (if it can be fitted) weighs plus the kayaks. When we had our solar panel installed the man did go up on the roof, but I noticed that he spread his weight out.
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    Fiamma make a Kayak Carry Rack but you will need the cross bars which clip to the side of the roof.

    As to fitting on a Startrail please call Darren on 01-580-883062 or Glenn and have a chat to them.
    Fiamma Carry Kayak

    Fiamma Carry Kayak, ideal to carry canoes, kayaks and surfboards on your the top of your motorhome. The kit comes with 2 brackets. Compact but easy to load thanks to its inclined figure. Made of folding anodized aluminium tubes, standard delivered with soft coverings and with fixing strap. Ideal to be easily fixed on Fiamma Roof Rail with Fixing-Bar rails, suitable for some models of other luggage-carriers on cars as well.
    Dimensions: 35.5 x 45.5-10 x 42.5-46 cm
    Fiamma Carry Kayay does not come with Kayak or cross bars.

    Not cheap though even with Funsters discount because you need two plus the rails kit


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