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  1. stanfreeman


    Apr 14, 2008
    lutterworth leices
    Hi i have been a member for a while but never posted a thread so here goes,
    we have been rv,n for over 20 years now that is the wife and i and we still love the life and we hope to carry on as long as our health will let us and at the moment i am glad to say it's fine, last year in september we impoted ourseleves a new 39ft fleetwood revolution le, but the problem is we still have the one before that, (Us boys and our toy's)

    we tried to sell had no luck so yesterday we started a competition on a new website called Win A Motorhome - Damon Ultrasport 3465 Have a look we would be intrested to read your comments and would be glad to awnser any questions you might have, In my spair time as a hobby i am an elvis singer ie at rallys ect i have all the pa equipment and also our freinds ernie and denice he also is a singer, With a motorhom of course,
    Stan & Mags.:thumb:

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