Spring Trip 2015 - Part 1/3 : Germany

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    As we covered three different countries on this year's spring trip I thought I'd post the details in the three different countries' threads for info.

    Part the First - Germany.

    Day 1 - Arrived in Calais via ferry - drove about 300 miles to the free aire just north of Metz at the Amneville recreation complex. Parking is in a wooded area just next to the Tourist Office. Service point was only available for grey water. The leisure complex has a number of attractions, most of which have seen better days and could do with a lick of paint. Not really my thing but it might work as a short stopover for youngish families.

    Days 2-5 - Followed the SatNav to Camping Thalkirchen on the outskirts of Munich. Plenty of empty pitches at this time of year so no booking necessary. Nice spot close to the River Isar who's banks are treated by the locals as an extended beach. Extensive cycle track network that'll get you into any part of the city if you feel energetic. We made it as far as the Englische Garten park on the Sunday. Bus stop outside the campsite with regular shuttle buses to the nearest Metro (U-Bahn) station. Three day travel passes can be bought at reception. We liked Munich, especially the wheat beer - nice vibe to the place (pre-war roots of National Socialism aside). Visited the Stadtmuseum which had some good stuff in, ate out in one of the old Bierkellars and went to a huge flea market on the same field where the Oktoberfest is held. Easy to get to from the campsite. If you want a bit of novelty, go and watch the surfers on the Eisbachwelle standing wave below Prinzregentstrasse.

    Day 6 - Drove to and visited the Schloss Neuschwanstein (Chitty Chitty Bang Bang castle) then stopped overnight at the Wohnmobilplatz (large privately-owned aire) in nearby Fussen. It was 14 Euros without electricity - Aldi and beer shop next door.

    Day 7 - Drove to Heidelberg, stopping overnight at Camping Heidelberg-Neckerthal right next to the river where you can watch the huge Imperial Star Destroyer river barges go past your dinette window. Went into Heidelberg by bus (stop outside campsite) - make sure you get off near the Alte Bruck (old bridge) if you want to see the older bit of the town. Wasn't overwhelmed to be honest - it's self-consciously touristy and doesn't look particularly old, certainly no wooden beams in evidence despite it being largely untouched in WW2.

    Day 8-9 - Drove to the Reisemobilhafen in Cologne, another privately-run aire (10 Euros a night) close to the river with excellent flat cycle track access right into the centre. The entrance to this aire is very well hidden at the back of a car park - just trust your SatNav. The cathedral was impressive, the Roman collection in the Archaeology museum was the best I've seen outside Italy bar none, and the Lindt chocolate museum was also interesting. Well worth a visit.

    That's it for Germany - it was our first proper trip there, we liked it a lot and are definitely going back. Only drawback is their unregulated Autobahn system which was clearly designed by Jeremy Clarkson, and their traffic signage is also a bit low-key compared to ours and France's.

    Next stop, the Netherlands.
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