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Discussion in 'Motorhome Chat' started by darklord, Oct 1, 2011.

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    having a good root around out new "baby" who has been named Alice, i found the lesiure battery under the drivers seat,
    I hav'nt taken it out yet, but it may not be a lesiure battery....probably due to price and space. The other thing i noticed, was a cable, well two really, with a large automotive type plug on the end, just doing nothing. So, out comes the multimeter, I am getting in excess of 14volts through this cable, exactly the same as the ones attached to the battery.
    Now, i am assuming, that at some time, someone has changed the battery and beggared the other end of the plug or it got damaged etc, so whoever did it started from scratch, leaving the original cabling there.
    What i would like to do, is run this supply into the garage to a 2nd lesiure battery, which i would then use to charge 12v items like torches etc.
    Can anyone see a problem doing this?
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    I know this sounds a bit daft but have you checked the leisure battery with your engine running with your multimeter to see if the original split charger was replaced with another?.
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    YO11 2BD
    where is this strange plug of which you speak :roflmto:

    if its near the leisure battery then you will get a voltage drop if ran to the back to the garage.

    to get full potential from the wire you would need around 4sqmm cable all the way back.

    if you do go this route then fit a fuse in the live wire both at the original leisure battery and at the one in the garage.

    the reason for two fuses .... if only one fuse and the wire gets damaged between the two batteries, then the fuse will blow but the other end of the wire (battery without a fuse) will still be live and a dead short.

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